Our One Time Fix plan with 01 month extended support includes:

Improve the Performance of Your Computer

A slow computer can cause you and your business to lose productivity. Since computers are not invincible, they are prone to performance and slowing down issues.

Our tech experts will diagnose your computer and find out why it is performing slowly and find ways to optimize its performance.

Speed Up the Boot and Shut Down Time

Is your computer slow at bootup? Does it feel like your computer takes forever to start up or shut down?

We will help you analyze your computer to find out what’s causing this slow bootup and shut down, and will help you speed the startup and shut down process thereafter.

Detect and Remove

Malware is capable of wreaking havoc, ranging from stealing and corrupting data to getting unauthorized access to banking details. If you wish to secure your device, network, and data, then you need to keep it free from infections. We will help you tackle the malware issues and will tweak the security settings for added protection.

Remove Software Errors and Pop-Ups

Does an error pop up whenever you try to open a software program on your computer? Compatibility, glitches, bugs, and other stuff can be a reason behind this.

To get rid of this annoying problem, you can contact us. We will help you resolve the errors and pop-up issues after ascertaining what is causing them to occur in the first place.

Service your

Do you own a computer? If yes, then the chances are that you have a couple of peripheral devices such as printers too. For instance, say you want to get your printer serviced?

We offer assistance regarding all kinds of computer accessories. So, whenever you want to update or upgrade them, you can get in touch with us.

Mobile Devices

Do you own an iOS or Android phone? What do you do when you encounter issues while using them?

Our tech experts will help you customize your smartphone as per your requirements. We will also offer ways to optimize the performance of your Android and iOS device.